Mid Ohio Digestive Disease Associates  

Procedure Description:
An examination into the upper digestive tract.

What To Expect:
The doctor will use a small, lighted flexible tube thinner than most of the food you swallow to examine the lining of the upper digestive tract. Your mouth and throat will be numbed and tranquilizers will be administered to relax you. We don't obstruct breathing passages. We make a special effort to keep you comfortable. In fact, most patients don't even remember the procedure.

Our medical assistants will give you very specific intstructions on how to "prep" for this procedure, which include no food or liquids after midnight the day before your procedure.

Expect a mild sore throat lasting one to two days. You may use lozenges for relief. Do not eat of drink for one hour ( your throat will be numb and we don't want anything to go down the wrong "pipe"). Do not drive for 24 hours after the procedure. Make sure a family member or close friend is with you the day of your scheduled procedure to listen to the instructions from the doctor and drive you home.